Seconds On / 30 Seconds Off

2 Rounds:
– 1:00 Burpees (As Fast As Possible)
– Around the World Plank:
:30 Normal Plank
:30 Right Side Plank
:30 Face-up plank (Body tight facing to ceiling. Squeeze glutes)
:30 Left Side Plank
– 1:00 Rest

10 Supine Ring Pull ups (feet on Box w/ body parallel to ground)
*Scale to challenging Ring Rows
10 Push Ups
20 Double Unders
*Scale 3x = 60 Single Unders

For Time, Quality, & Load: (Challenge on pace, stability, and KB Weight)
*All in walks to Pink Building
3 walks KB 2-arm OH carry (AHAP)
6 walks KB 2-arm front rack carry (Bell Handles touch) (AHAP)
9 walks KB 2-arm farmers carry carry (AHAP)
*Remind everyone to Tuck Ribs