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Even Keel Massage Therapy, currently a one man operation, is committed to providing the absolute best care possible. Our goal is to help you, the client, improve the quality of your life. We will work together to identify problem areas in the body and come up with a plan to relieve pain and establish better practices for you in the future. Even Keel offers two types of massage. Therapeutic massage: The manipulation of soft tissue to increase blood flow, stimulate the nervous system, enhance the immune system, and decrease the effects of stress. Therapeutic massage can help to ease chronic pain, rehabilitate injuries, and improve posture. Sports massage: A sports massage can be a recovery or a maintenance massage. The benefits of a sports massage include relieving pain and general soreness, minimizing recovery time, restoring flexibility, and preventing and treating athletic injuries.

Taylor Smith


Taylor is a second generation massage therapist who specializes in sports massage and injury recovery. Taylor came to Bermuda after working for University Sports Massage where he was responsible for pre-event and recovery massage for University of Florida athletes, including Olympic swimmers and gymnasts. As a RockTape trained therapist he often uses kinesio tape to continue the recovery process long after the session has finished.