#11 I have learned that my body is capable of doing ‘thangs’ I would’ve never thought possible.

Who would’ve thought that at aged 39.99+tax,  I could do 163 push ups and 126 – 30lb kettle bell swings in approx 18 minutes without keeling over and dying.  Oh and this was after 125lb back squats. There are no limits to what the body can accomplish – even with the challenges I have with my leg, there are no limits to how far I will push my body thru this amazing thing called CrossFit.  I have learned that some ppl can lift more than their body weight (like my son Samir Furqan). There are men & women 60+ doing weight lifting, burpees, pull ups with no limits.

If you wanna see what your body can do – sign up for a free class at LifeThymeCrossFit.com 

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